Do you download all files types?

Yes we try to get as many files as possible that we find that are linked to within the html. We get PDF, Flash (SWF), Javascript, CSS files etc.

Just let us know if Wayback has a file that wasn’t downloaded in your order.

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How long until I receive my order?

Once your order is completed you will be sent a link to download the zip file of your site(s) . Turn around time is usually less than a day but can be longer depending on how big your site is and how many other orders we have at the time.

If you haven’t received the order download email then please use our Order Status page.

Be sure to check your junk mail before contacting us as we send you a download link in the email so some emails get flagged as spam unfortunately. 

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Do you refund?

If we couldn’t recreate the site as it shows on the Wayback URL you provided then yes we can refund.

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