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The more websites you purchase the more you save!
Number of Sites Price Per Site
1 $15
2-4 $12.5
5+ $7.5
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Price $ Integrate sites with Wordpress? What is this?

Wordpress Integration

For an extra fee of $30 per site (on top of the Wayback scan fee) we will integrate your site with Wordpress. What this means is that we will import all the existing page content into Wordpress so the content is editable in the Pages or Posts section. As well as this we will create the Wordpress theme from the site's existing design so that new pages or posts that you create will look like the rest of the site. All the original links on the site will be kept in tact and will link to the editable Wordpress pages. Please provide us with your web host cpanel (or other web host manager) login details, NOT YOUR WEB HOST ACCOUNT so we have access to install and setup the site, you can either enter these details in the field above or email us after you have received your order. This process will take up to a week to install, if your site is not installed by then please contact us

If you need somewhere reliable to host your website we highly recommend Blue Host - Unlimited space, bandwidth, and domains! Highly optimized for Wordpress.

Web host cPanel URL and login details (can be emailed to us later)


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Make sure you return to our site after payment otherwise your order will not be marked as paid and your order maybe delayed

Once your order is completed you will be sent a link to download the zip file of your site(s) . Turn around time is usually less than a day but can be up to 3 days depending on how big your site is and how many other orders we have at the time. If you do want to install with Wordpress see our FAQ page on how to integrate it fully.